Drawstring Bag Knapsack for Exercises

Recently I've got into a bit of a walk for charity with a Trekmiles app, to stay fit (or rather to not stay unfit 😅, so to say. I haven't been doing anything of this sort for years so I had to do a little preparation.

Suitable shoes & socks, checked.
Suitable clothing, yes there are enough to make do with.
Water bottle, got it.

Now there's something missing: the right bag. I've got quite a few bags lying about but they are all sling bags that would keep knocking about on just one shoulder.

Referring to my first rule of eco consumption, no unnecessary purchase if I can help it. After all, who knows how long I'm going to sustain this new habit 😛?

I do happen to have some denim fabric which I'd cut off a pair of old ripped (as in ripped in area that I certainly aren't allowed to wear them anymore) jeans. After a few nights of stitching away, I finally got my little drawstring knapsack enough for a bottle, a phone, and keys etc.

Body: one leg of old ripped jeans. Straps: unwanted belts that came with two different denim dresses.

That's all folks, for I, is off for a walk. 🏃


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